If your question is not answered in the FAQs section, kindly address it to our Support Team. Our Support Team will process your request ASAP. We are also happy to get your feedback which we will use to improve our platform and website.

Which timezone does your website use?
Our website uses GMT (London, UK) timezone.
CRYPTIC MAX LTD, is a UK based investment firm providing investment opportunity through Cryptocurrency mining.
Is this legal?
Definitely! We are a legalized and complaint with the United Kingdom rules and strict regulations. Our company registration number 11162129 can be easily checked on this website
How do we make profits?
We are an investment firm that rely on crypto Cryptocurrency mining which provides us with excellent revenue without any huge risk at all.
Which payment processors do you accept?
Currently we are accepting BITCOIN , ETH.
Do you allow compounding?
At the moment, compounding is not allowed.
How safe and secure my investment here?
Our website has several levels of protection from industry leading security companies such as COMODO which proves your sensitive investment and account information. We also has DDOS protection from CloudFlare.
What is your profit source?
Generally our main business is cryptocurrencies mining. You can read more about it in the "About Program" section: "About Us".
Should I pay taxes from the profit I received?
We do not provide any information about our client's profits to any tax services of any countries so it's up to you whether you should pay taxes from your profit or not.
How do I open an account?
You can easily open an account by going to this link https:// crypticmax.com /?a=signup and fill out all the necessary information on the account registration page.
Can I make an account for free?
Absolutely! You can create an account with us free of charge.
I forgot my account password. What can I do?
You can head over to this page and reset your password by providing your username or email and from there you will receive an email which will contain details to reset your password.
What is a Bitcoin address?
Bitcoin address is your ID (account, wallet number), starting with 1 or 3 and containing 27-34 alphanumeric Latin characters (other than 0, O, I). The address can also be represented as a QR-code, it is anonymous and does not contain information about the owner. For example, 1TopMSEYstRatqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2 or 398Tt1WpEZ73CNmQviecrnyiWrnqRhWNLy.
I don't have a Bitcoin wallet. How can I make one?
You can invest with any service which is the provider of Bitcoin wallets (addresses). If you do not have such a wallet, please register it at the following address https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/signup or https://www.coinbase.com/ or https://block.io
May I open several accounts with you?
Yes, but we strongly recommend that you register one account and use it for investment. It will allow to reduce load on the server and database, as well as prevent any possible problems.
How do I invest in your company?
You need you create an account first with us if you haven't so. After that. In the "Make A Deposit" section of your account, select the necessary investment plan, enter the amount, select the payment source (send the amount from a Bitcoin wallet or invest from the account balance) and click on Spend button. After that, the system would suggest you a Bitcoin address where you need to send money. Note that you have to make this payment from your Bitcoin wallet.
How long does it take for my deposit(s) to get credited on my account?
Your deposit will be added after 3 confirmations of network. This process takes from 1 to 24 hours. If you still don't know what Bitcoin confirmations are visit this site and read information here.
How many investment plan can I opt for?
You can have as many investment plan as you desire. There is no limit to it.
What is the minimum and maximum deposit limit?
The minimum deposit limit is ฿0.00300000 and maximum is ฿100.00000000 and More.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0002 BTC. and there is no maximum limited on withdraw amount.
Can I increase my investments?
Yes, sure. You can increase your investments anytime with any funds funds amount. They will be added to your deposit immediately after receiving required confirmations from the Payment System.
How quickly are payments made?
All payments are instant.
Address the technical support service via the feedback form in the "Support" section or via [email protected] and send the following data: 1) your login, 2) the exact amount of the deposit in Bitcoin, and 3) the address, to which the payment was sent.
No, The deposit is included in payouts. And it is active for an unlimited time.
Yes of course. Profit is generated on an ongoing basis, 7 days a week.
How much profit can I earn?
You can earn from 7-15% Forever by making investments. Also you can earn with our Affiliate Program .
is there any affiliate program?
Yes, we do provide an affiliate option.
How does it work and how much can I make from it?
It's really simple. Our 1-level affiliate program pays 5% , 2-level affiliate program pays 2% and , 3-level affiliate program pays 1% .
Is it necessary to refer people?
No, it's optional. You can invest and gain profit without referring anyone.
Do I have to have an active investment to participate in your Affiliate Program?
No, we do not require presence of any active deposits to participate in our Affiliate Program. You can invite new members and receive affiliate commissions event if you did not make any investments yet.
How often will I get my affiliate commissions?
Affiliate commissions for every user are calculated once per 24 hours. In case when your partner makes his first deposit and he was registered not earlier than 24 hours ago, then you will receive your first commission within 10 minutes after the transaction confirmation. All following commissions will be made once per 24 hours.
How can I promote my affiliate link?
There are a lot of ways promoting your affiliate link. You can provide your it to your friends during personal communication, emails, messengers chats, etc. You can also create a banner or text advertising campaigns (of course you should obey the advertising system rules). You can post your links in different kinds of investment-related chats, groups and forums. You can use any other king of promotions,